The Story of My Broken Hand

It is a sad day when a man has to admit defeat. I started out this year with the full intention of writing one story every day. And then I broke my hand. Right now I am typing this by using a pencil end to substitute for my right hand. I’m getting quite good at it, but after spending the entire day writing freelance video game ideas, the last thing I want to do is more hunting and pecking. So I am going on temporary hiatus. But I will be back, as will Professor Blowjob and his fine adventures.

In the meantime, I have 77 stories already written, and I can guarantee most of you turkeys haven’t read all of them. I’ve already written the best book you’ve read this year. Please take some time to revisit the stories and send your favorites to your loved ones. Every time you tweet me, my hand gets a little bit better. Thankees! I love you!


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One response to “The Story of My Broken Hand

  1. joshua citrak

    you broke your hand?!? WTF? did Sgt Blowjob get in a scrap with Pvt Jerkoff?

    get well, my man.

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