Story of the Day: 6-21-11

The Storm Fighters of Courage

Writer’s Note: In preparation for the eventual printed version of this book, the series shall henceforward be known as simply “The Storm Fighters of Courage.” Sorry, Professor Blowjob. This is a team effort now.

Episode 20: More Information about the Crystal Palace

The room they were in was the most beautiful place any of them had ever seen. Covering the room were crystals of all shapes and sizes. There were big crystals, little crystals, medium-sized crystals, and everything in between. On the walls, the ceiling, the floor, and everywhere. It was quite a nice change from the dark cave rooms where they’d spent much of the last day.

“Ppphe-whhee,” whistled Beans. He had never really learned how to whistle, which usually brought him great shame, but didn’t right now for whatever reason. “A guy could make a lot of bread with a room like this.”

“Yeah,” said Lady Midnight. “A lot of crystals, too.”

“This is all well and good,” interrupted John Nightnight, “but where is Snog-Dog?”

“Hey you fucker!” Lady Midnight exploded. “We just used our only life computer to bring you back from the dead! I’d expect a little more gratitude!”

“I have news for you, Lady Midnight,” Professor Blowjob said. “There is no such thing as a life computer. The magic was inside John Nightnight all along.”

As the Storm Fighters of Courage struggled to think about how that could make any sense, they were suddenly surrounded by the face of Mark Hazzard. The only thing Professor Blowjob could figure was that there was a projector somewhere in the cave. And when the picture was projected, it bounced off the crystals and refracterated all around them scientifically, so it seemed like they were inside Mark Hazzard’s head. A very scary place to be, indeed.

“I expected you would find your way to the Crystal Palace,” began Mark Hazzard. “This is my favorite room, where I go to think. And now I’m going to give you something to think about. Not only do I have Sgt. Hardy’s baby, but I now also have your friend Snog-Dog!”

The projection zoomed out to show Snog-Dog, blindfolded and strapped to a dangerous-looking wall. Jacky Minx stood next to him, poking him in the ribs with her long fingernails.

“Help, Sgt. Hardy!” Snog-Dog shouted. “My sky powers have been disabled by a powerful beam! I need you to rescue me!”

“Don’t you worry, old buddy!” Sgt. Hardy shouted. “We’re on our way!”

“We are?” Beans whispered under his breath to Lady Midnight. Lady Midnight shrugged.

“The clock is ticking, Sgt. Hardy,” said Mark Hazzard. And then the picture disappeared.

“I don’t believe in clocks!” shouted Sgt. Hardy, but Mark Hazzard was gone.

Whatever exhilaration the Storm Fighters had felt from surviving the monster attack was now gone. They didn’t know where to go next, especially without Snog-Dog around to help them find hidden doors. They could only hope that back in Washington, the Commandant was getting worried.

Next episode: Back in Washington


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