My name is Jeffrey Dinsmore. I am the publisher of Awkward Press. I am also a writer. I have written two novels. One is called Johnny Astronaut. I wrote it under the pseudonym Rory Carmichael, for reasons that will make sense when you read the book. The other novel is called I, An Actress: the Autobiography of Karen Jamey. This one was written by Karen Jamey, as told to me. Karen Jamey does not really exist. I like to do things and not take credit for them.

This blog was started as a New Year’s resolution to write something every day. So I am trying to write one story every day of 2011. Sometimes a few days will go by without me posting a story. Don’t be worried. I am going to end this year with 365 stories, by hook or by crook. Mostly by hook.

I have done a lot of weird things in my life. I have owned and operated two independent publishing companies, Awkward and Contemporary Press. I produced a record of original Halloween songs called Rotten to the Core featuring 12 Brooklyn bands, most of whom have since broken up. I have written and published a spelling book, a vocabulary book, and a book about how to get a green job. I have written and recorded a song for a Quizno’s ad. I have written and done the voiceover on a promo for Conan O’ Brien. I have created and starred in an off-off Broadway show called Christmas with the Flamingoes and written the music for and performed in the musical Opelika. I have created a lot of things in my lifetime. None of them have brought me anything resembling financial success or recognition.

But, I am happy. I have a beautiful wife and a daughter who makes me laugh like an idiot every day. And I have a lot of stories. Please enjoy them on this website, every day. Or so.


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